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Shining Beacons on Penguin Hill

The use of free open source software in schools is already quite big, and yet it’s still in its infancy.  Here is a story about two different people and the remarkable results they have created with free open source software in the education communities they lead.  What’s common to these stories is the educational value […]

Partimus Advocates at Oakland Unified for Free Software

Past board member and current operations officer (a.k.a. “server architect” ) James Howard presented before Oakland Unified School District board in support of esteemed public school teacher Robert Litt. A long time Free Software in education advocate, Robert has built and administered two successful GNU/Linux teaching labs in Oakland schools. Robert spoke of his labs […]

Smokin’ hot at Ascend and Prescott

Partimus volunteers, lead by James Howard, have done a considerable amount of work at two public charter schools in Oakland, California, for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  This blog post is the first of several that we will put up about this work.  Since most of the work has been done by James Howard, […]

14 notebooks up and running Ubuntu GNU-Linux!

Today was a really great day (Saturday 2012.8.18).  Two volunteers by the name of Maestro and James Ouyang (@jyouyang) came to the Creative Arts Charter School today to help get the school ready for the start of the new school year on Monday, 2012.8.20.  Together, we were able to manually install 14 of 19 notebook […]

Possible collaboration with SFSU students

A brand new possibility has opened up for collaboration between Partimus and college students attending San Francisco State University. On August 12, Sameer Verma, a professor of Information Systems in the College of Business at SFSU, proposed a collaboration to help with the workflow of Here is an excerpt of what Sameer proposed: I […]

The Ubuntu-themed earring campaign is succeeding!

Partimus is happy to announce that it has received its first check from the Boutique Academia Ubuntu earrings drive! As we blogged about here, Boutique Academia, a small company run by Partimus co-founder Maile Urbancic, has created some beautiful gold-colored and silver-colored earrings created in the shape of the Ubuntu human family logo. Maile has […]

Fun, Pizza & Ubuntu Linux at a public school!

We did some really great work today, and had fun doing it! We installed 14 GNU-Linux work stations in 3 classrooms at the public charter KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy at Geary and Scott Streets. Thanks very much to Eric S., Joe Puig, Grant Bowman, Michael Paoli, Elizabeth Krumbach, and Michelle Mastin, for doing a really […]

Teaching teachers how to share software, one computer at a time.

I met today with some new teachers at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy regarding computers in their classrooms. There is a 5th grade math teacher who wants to use our GNU-Linux computers to allow the kids to do math problems online. There is social studies teacher who wants to use our Linux computers for […]