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The year in Linux at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy

The 2011-2012 school year is drawing to a close all over the US, including the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy (KSFBA), one of the schools that Partimus is supporting with Linux computers.  This year, there have been two classrooms primarily using Linux computers at the KSFBA:  Lacee Phillips has been using her Ubuntu Linux computers to get her 5th grade math students onto the Kahn Academy, a very popular on-line math program.    Lacee is interested in getting more computers for her math students for next year.  Here is a shot of some of her students using the computers:

Students using Khan Academy

Students using Khan Academy in 5th Grade Math

Students at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy are also using Google’s Linux Chromebook notebook computers in their classes to access 7th grade social studies and history lessons taught by Jame Sanders.  The students use the Linux Chromebooks at their desks to access Mr. Sanders on-line history lessons.  You can see his on-line history lessons here.  The student have also created their own blogs.  An example is here, the blog of Rebecca L.  The chromebooks were generously provided by a donation Google obtained by Mr. Sanders directly.

Linux computers at the KSFBA have ebbed and flowed.  For years, there was a Linux computer lab, which was eventually replaced by a Microsoft Windows lab, due to preferences by an administrator with a fondness for Microsoft Windows and a lack of familiarity with Linux.  There has always been a presence of Linux computers at KSFBA, though, and the Partimus volunteers have a special fondness for the KSFBA, because it the first school that we supported with Linux computers.  The upcoming 2012-2013 school year should see an increase in Linux computers, both because Mr. Sanders is hoping for more Linux Chromebooks, and because Partimus is hoping to secure more notebook computers to install with Ubuntu Linux.


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