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International Studies Academy: Testimonial

Partimus volunteers have asked several of the people we work with with to provide testimonials. We’d like to highlight these great testimonials and thank the people who support our involvement in their schools.

Our first testimonial comes from Nancy Cussary, the Librarian at the International Studies Academy where we maintain a Linux-based computer lab in their library:

“The Linux computers have been wonderful for the library at our school, International Studies Academy. Daily, approximately one hundred students use the computers. The students use the Ubuntu Linux-based computers for Internet research, class assignments, and essay writing. We find that the computers are sturdy and stand up to heavy use. The computers also don’t get viruses, which is nice. We really appreciate that the Partimus volunteers come in and maintain the computers as well.”

More details about Partimus’ work at International Studies Academy can be found here:

Learn more about our current projects on the project page on our website:

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