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14 notebooks up and running Ubuntu GNU-Linux!

Today was a really great day (Saturday 2012.8.18).  Two volunteers by the name of Maestro and James Ouyang (@jyouyang) came to the Creative Arts Charter School today to help get the school ready for the start of the new school year on Monday, 2012.8.20.  Together, we were able to manually install 14 of 19 notebook computers with Ubuntu GNU-Linux 12.04.  This means that two kids will collaborate on each machine, as there are 28 kids per class session in the classroom of Maria Jenerik, who teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies.  There are an additional 3 working desktop computers in Maria’s classroom for a total of 17 working machines.  Here is a shot of the notebook computers stacked on a cart ready to go for Monday:

Notebooks on a cart

19 notebook computers donated by Intuit, 14 of which are now installed with Ubuntu Linux!  Thanks Intuit!


These computers were donated to Partimus by Intuit, so many thanks to Intuit for that!  More details about the Intuit donation can be read here and here.  This donation is going to make a big difference for Maria Jenerik’s classroom, because there was a fire in one of the buildings housing the Creative Arts Charter School, so space is at a premium at the Creative Arts school.  Thanks to Jim Stockford of Systemateka for introducing Partimus Board member Christian Einfeldt to Steve Camuti of Intuit.  Steve orchestrated the donation through the halls of Intuit.

Today we put in 17 hours of work installing Ubuntu on those 14 computers; and running wire and cable to hook up the three additional machines.   Thanks again to James Ouyang and Maestro for your great work!  We are particularly grateful to James Ouyang for getting the wifi router running.  Maria Jenerik was really thrilled to see that she is now able to get access to the Internet wirelessly in her classroom.   Thanks, James!  Sometimes such small things make a big difference.  Getting the wifi running was the key final bit to making the Intuit notebook computers work well for Maria and her kids.

This work today in manually installing the notebook computers was just a temporary bridge step until we are able to mass install a uniform configuration across all of the machines to be administered remotely by our Partimus gurus.  It was a really important bridge step, because now Maria Jenerik will be ready to go with her kids on Monday.

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