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Lots of computers donated today!

Today was a very huge day for Partimus the two of the schools that we serve, the ASCEND school in Oakland, and the Prescott school in Oakland, which you can also read about here.  These schools are both part of the Oakland public school district, but these schools stand out in their reputation for academic excellence and for instilling an understanding for good behavior among students who come from challenging economic backgrounds. The technology teachers at these two schools, Robert Litt at Prescott and Francisco Nieto at Ascend, are doing incredible things in working with Partimus volunteers led by James Howard, to build their computer labs with free software and donated hardware.

Today, our volunteers, James Howard, Jim Stockford of Systemateka, Christian Einfeldt, and Maestro, moved about 40 machines from the San Francisco Office of our gracious donor, Professional Computer Support, owned by Dan Hernandez, to the two Oakland schools.  It was a lot of sorting, lifting, loading, driving, and unloading, and we are grateful to our volunteers for doing such great work, and offering so much of themselves to help underprivileged kids.   James Howard and Jim Stockford very generously donated the use of their personal vehicles as well as their backs to lift and transport the machines.  Maestro energetically loaded and stacked machines, and kept us all laughing with his jokes.

We are, of course, also very grateful to Dan Hernandez for giving such a generous gift, and to his right hand man, Bryan LaFata, an account manager at Professional Computer Support, for organizing this donation and making it happen.  We will have more info in the near future about the work being done at these schools and the great things that our volunteers are doing with the fabulous donation by Professional Computer Support.  Thanks again to everyone for making this happen!

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