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On “Giving Tuesday”, help us give to public schools!

You’ve heard of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.  Now here comes “Giving Tuesday“, an effort to formally kick off the season of giving.  Giving Tuesday was started by a New York City community organization called 92Y, which is an educational organization on 92nd Street and Lexington Street in New York City.

giving Tuesday

The “Giving Tuesday” logo

We at Partimus focus on giving all year around to public schools.  We believe that free open source software can revolutionize public school IT budgets, by bringing high quality software on quality pre-owned computers to schools. The software used on our computers is the same software that runs the supercomputers of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and 70% of the world’s equity stock trades.  We want to make sure that public school kids will grow up with a deep understanding of how to use the incredible tools of the Internet. (The City of Munich has saved 11 million Euros since 2006 by moving to the software.  The same advantage can be enjoyed by public schools the world over.)

You can help us make this happen by either purchasing a beautiful Ubuntu-themed set of earrings or a Ubuntu-themed necklace, or by simply donating directly to our efforts.  Partimus is an all-volunteer organization, and your donations will help us grow our mission, reach more schools, and be more effective at bridging the digital divide.  Six dollar from each set of earrings and $10 dollars from each necklace will go directly to Partimus, a registered 501(c)(3).

Silver-colored necklace

The silver-colored necklace

The beauty of giving to Partimus is that you will help us teach schools that beginning now with free open source software such as Ubuntu GNU-Linux will assure that these schools will always have access to the latest, best software without burdensome licensing costs.

Ubuntu Notebook

A Lenovo notebook computer running Ubuntu GNU-Linux software

The story of free open source software is the story of “doing humanity to others”, which is what the word Ubuntu means.  Go here to see former South African President Nelson Mandela talk about the African concept of Ubuntu.

Thank you for your generosity.

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  1. neil warnock wrote:

    Installed Ubuntu in son’s grade school.
    Everyone hated it. Installed Kubuntu: everyone loved it.

    If someone is coming from a Windows environment, make them feel more confortable and have the common sense to have a Xubuntu and Kubuntu CD.

    The point is getting kids in public schools safe and working computers, NOT pushing brand recognition.

    Best way to know which desktop is best suited for users? Ask THEM!!!!

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:26 am | Permalink

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