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Our latest work with ECS

Back in October, Christian Einfeldt interviewed Liz Pocock, the Director of Housing Development and Asset Management at Episcopal Community Services (ECS) about her work in low-income housing facilities and how the residents had been using our Linux-based computers in the first residence we deployed in, The Crosby.

Over the winter, I spent some time debugging some slowness issues over at The Crosby with one of the residents. A new switch was purchased with Partimus funds to replace an aging hub that had been used previously. With that, their networking was fast again! Christian also spent time debugging a few issues, including some problems with logins and changes to default settings.

This spring, Christian has continued his work with ECS to meet with staffers to futher the progress of bringing donated computers running Lubuntu to install systems into more low-income facilities. Today in addition to The Crosby, we also have computers at the Elm low-income shelter. Our work is continuing into a third and fourth ECS facility as we speak.


This brings our total today to four computers at two low-income facilities. We’ve been delighted to see how well the Lubuntu desktops are received. At the request of residents seeking to use an office suite, LibreOffice has also been installed on the systems.

Our hope is that these networked systems that provide internet access to the residents will empower them to take a more active role in a community and world that’s so heavily connected.

If you’re interested in donating some computers or offering your services to Partimus, reach out to us at with details about your hardware or skills. We’re specifically looking for experienced Linux systems administrators who can make the time to implement and document the creation of a provisioning and proxy server at each location to ease installations and be more gentle on the bandwidth. Learn about our minimum specifications for hardware requirements and other ways to donate on our website: Partimus Donations. Partimus is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible in the US.

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