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The Ubuntu-themed earring campaign is succeeding!

Partimus is happy to announce that it has received its first check from the Boutique Academia Ubuntu earrings drive! As we blogged about here, Boutique Academia, a small company run by Partimus co-founder Maile Urbancic, has created some beautiful gold-colored and silver-colored earrings created in the shape of the Ubuntu human family logo.

Maile has graciously decided to donate $6.00 from the sale of each pair of earrings to Partimus. She will send Partimus checks reflecting those earnings every time she receives enough sales to send us at least $100.00 in earnings.

The first check arrived in the Partimus office a few days ago, and is in the amount of $102.00, which reflects the sale of 17 pairs of earrings. A copy of the check (with the account info deleted) is posted with this blog entry.

We are so proud of these earrings, because they are beautiful, and they promote the Ubuntu theme of one human family. Partimus’ work in schools is about delivering high-quality pre-owned computers to students, but the bigger picture is teaching students and teachers about the power of sharing. The Ubuntu human family logo fits right in with this theme, so Partimus is certainly thrilled to be able to be associated with this wonderful theme, and these beautiful earrings.

We are also thrilled to be able to show our major donors that we are making headway in our goal of growing Partimus as an organization. Major donors are always happy to see that the organization they support has multiple sources of revenue, so that the organization is sustainable in the long run. Thanks to Maile for starting this fundraising campaing, and thanks to all of the Partimus volunteers who publicized the campaign and are making it a success! And of course, thanks tons for all of you wonderful donors who purchased a set of earrings!

First check from earrings sales

This is the first check from the sale of Ubuntu-themed earrings

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