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14 notebooks up and running Ubuntu GNU-Linux!

Today was a really great day (Saturday 2012.8.18).  Two volunteers by the name of Maestro and James Ouyang (@jyouyang) came to the Creative Arts Charter School today to help get the school ready for the start of the new school year on Monday, 2012.8.20.  Together, we were able to manually install 14 of 19 notebook […]

The Long-Burning Fire

On December 22, 2011, a huge fire hit some apartment buildings near the Creative Arts Charter School, one of the schools that Partimus supports with Linux computers. As a result, on April 13, 2012, Partimus had to remove from that school a lot of the computers that were near end of their lives from the […]

Big Linux computer move next Friday

Fundamental changes are under way at the Creative Arts Charter School, due to a fire that struck on 12.22.11. The Linux desktop lab is being dispersed to make room for a Linux notebook lab. If you would like to help us move machines, please show up at the Creative Arts Charter School this Friday, April […]

Coping with the damage from the fire

The Creative Arts Charter School (CACS) is slowly digging itself out from the December 22, 2011 fire that wiped out two apartment buildings and scorched the eastern wall of the elementary school portion of  CACS.  The fire itself only burned the exterior eastern wall of CACS.  This damage included scorching of the windows of the […]