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Spring cleaning in the Creative Arts Linux lab

Harley and Faride

Harley Strazzarino and Faride Patel dig into a Linux computer in the lab

We did some great stuff today. The volunteers installed RAM in 29 GNU-Linux computers. They tested each of the computers to make sure that they are working. We end-of-lifed a lot of them, and pulled them out of the lab and put them into storage. From there, they will be responsibly recycled by our partner,

We also brought the server back on-line, which had been off-line and turned off all summer, due to construction at the school. The server had one whole summer’s worth of updates to pull down off of the Ubuntu repositories. The server is now ready for our server architect, James Howard, to come back and work his magic with updating the software in all of the client machines in the lab.

Thanks tons to John Strazzarino, Harley Strazzarino, James Ouyang, Faride Patel, and James Howard for a great day of bringing Linux to a public school, the Creative Arts Charter School!

the crew

From left to right: Harley Strazzarino, John Strazzarino, Christian Einfeldt, James Ouyang, and Faride Patel

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