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Thank you for Partimus t-shirts!

A couple months ago I was contacted by Sam Hunt of, startup company located in Berkeley, who offered Partimus two free t-shirts!

Christian Einfeldt came up with the design with Tux on the front and the words “Take me to school” and the Partimus logo and URL on the back. I submitted the order through their t-shirt creation tool and put in the request for the shirts.

They store the design at a public URL, so now others can order shirts from them (and make edits if they want):

I ordered 2 shirts (one for myself and one for Grant Bowman) on January 6th, with the following options:

1 M White Gildan Cotton T-Shirt
1 L White Gildan Cotton T-Shirt


Front: 3
Back: 2

On January 20th they arrived!

Check out the public design and “Order Now” to order one for yourself. As described above (type of shirt, colors) they’re about $22 each, but they reduce the price with bulk, 10 shirts ordered at once are just over $13 each.

We hope to get some “in action” shots at one of our upcoming events, stay tuned! Thanks again!

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