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30 hours of work in just a few days

During the past 8 days, Partimus volunteers have put in 30 hours of work spread over 4 days.  On Saturday 2012.7.28 and Sunday 2012.7.29, we moved about 1,000 lbs of equipment a total of 2.5 vertical miles going up and down stairs, due to the fact that 1) we lost equipment storage space at one […]

The year in Linux at the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy

The 2011-2012 school year is drawing to a close all over the US, including the KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy (KSFBA), one of the schools that Partimus is supporting with Linux computers.  This year, there have been two classrooms primarily using Linux computers at the KSFBA:  Lacee Phillips has been using her Ubuntu Linux computers […]

Computer work this Sunday August 7th KIPP school 10 to 5

The school year is starting again in a big way, and we have teachers who need GNU-Linux computers! If you can come to the KIPP school this Sunday 8/7/11, you will get free pizza and drinks! Please come to the back of the school at O’Farrell and Pierce as the school is undergoing heavy construction. […]