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Computer work this Sunday August 7th KIPP school 10 to 5

The school year is starting again in a big way, and we have teachers who need GNU-Linux computers! If you can come to the KIPP school this Sunday 8/7/11, you will get free pizza and drinks!

Please come to the back of the school at O’Farrell and Pierce as the school is undergoing heavy construction. Please call Christian Einfeldt at 415.351.1300 when you arrive so he can get you into the building. We will probably have lunch @ about 12:30 or so. Please bring blank CDs, screw drivers, needle nose pliers, cat 5 cables, hubs, switches, and surge protectors if you have them.

KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy
1430 Scott Street
San Francisco, CA 94115-3510

For questions you may email

Original announcement by Christian Einfeldt at

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