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20 new pre-owned notebook computers coming!

Partimus is pleased to announce that it will receive a generous grant of hardware from Intuit in June, including the following items:

20 Laptops
2 Desktopss
2 LCD Monitors

These machines will be used by one of the public schools that Partimus supports, called the Creative Arts Charter School. That school will use these machines to show kids how to create video shorts, as well as the usual tasks of Internet research and essay composition. These machines will also probably be used to create their yearbook.

I would like to give to Jim Stockford of Systemateka for introducing me to Steve Camuti of Intuit.   Jim is a great connector, and Steve took time out of his regular work day to go through the effort of originating this donation inside Intuit.  I would also like to thank Tom Stevenson of Arrow Techra, a professional donation fulfillment organization, for executing on the donation.  Here are the websites for these generous people and companies:

Jim Stockford of Systemateka:

Steve Camuti of Intuit:

Tom Stevenson of Arrow-Intechra:

Thanks again so very much to each of these people and organizations for their thoughtfulness and generosity in making this donation possible!

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