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Installfest / pizza party at Creative Arts Charter School 2013.4.28 is going to be hosting a pizza party and triagefest / installfest tomorrow (April 28, 2013) at the Creative Arts Charter School at 1601 Turk Street at Pierce St in San Francisco from 1 pm to about 3:30 pm.   The Creative Arts Charter School is a public charter school.  Any child in the State of California can attend the school for free without paying tuition.

We have about a dozen machines to install with GNU-Linux. Mostly detail work (packing notebooks up, numbering them). If there’s human resources and interest, post installation work could be done (log in, connect to the wifi, validate that a browser works — that sort of thing. Q/A basically.

Bring USB sticks with Lubuntu 12.04 on them.  If you don’t have that, Ubuntu 12.04 will do.  No need to worry about UEFI.  Please also bring everything that you would need to triage hardware.  Screw drivers, needle nose pliers, etc.

When you arrive, please text or call Christian at 415-351-1300 so that I can let you in, as the school is quite large, and you could get lost.  Thanks! 

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