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The continuing dedication of Boutique Academia

Partimus is thrilled and humbled to thank Partimus co-founder Maile Urbancic for another generous donation of $182.00 on behalf of her business, Boutique Academia.  As we blogged about here, Boutique Academia, a small company run by Partimus co-founder Maile Urbancic, has created some beautiful gold-colored and silver-colored earrings and necklaces created in the shape of the Ubuntu human family logo.

Maile has graciously decided to donate $10.00 from the sale of each pair of earrings to Partimus. She will send Partimus checks reflecting those earnings every time she receives enough sales to send us at least $100.00 in earnings from the earrings and from the necklaces.

The Ubuntu necklace, in gold color

The Ubuntu necklace, in gold color.

We are so proud of these earrings and necklaces, because they are beautiful, and they promote the Ubuntu theme of one human family. Partimus’ work in schools is about delivering high-quality pre-owned computers to students, but the bigger picture is teaching students and teachers about the power of sharing. The Ubuntu human family logo fits right in with this theme.

Of course, Partimus was founded by two women, Maile Urbancic and Cathy Malmrose, and women have always played a big role in the governance of Partimus and in the projects that Partimus runs.  So there has always been an important theme within the Partimus DNA about advancing and supporting girls and women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  We are happy to support Boutique Academia in providing women and girls with small motifs about the blending of jewelry with STEM themes, which is what Boutique Academia is all about.

Thanks again to Maile for her continuing inspiration in helping Partimus to go forward!

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