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Partimus celebrates 10 years

In March of 2007 Partimus was officially acknowledged as 501(c)(3) Organization for our educational work. To celebrate, we thought we’d take a look back over the past ten years, to see how we’ve grown and changed as an organization.

As we were working on incorporation in 2006, our efforts began quite broadly. We shipped five computers to the Computers-4-Kids organization in Austin, Texas. In 2007 incorporation allowed us to be eligible for a grant from the Anita Borg Foundation to acquire and supply five computers to an all-girls after-school mathematics club for 5th graders run by CEMELA (Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinas/os). 30 desktops were also built, installed, tested, and shipped to an elementary school in Huajuapan de Leon, Mexico in collaboration with ZaReason.

In 2009 efforts started to focus more locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, where our efforts remain today. In 2009 we installed a total of 51 stand-alone Linux-based systems at two schools, including a fully-fuctional 31-seat Linux computer network at the Creative Arts Charter School and systems at KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy.

Work continued with support, computers and labs throughout the bay area, including Mission Beacon, Precita Valley Community Center, International Studies Academy, and Hayes Valley Learning Center in San Francisco, and the Prescott School and ASCEND Charter School in Oakland.

Today our work continues with an initiative to support adult learning. In February of this year ECS announced the formal completion of our 18-month project with them to provide public computers for their residents. Work continues on these six sites with over a dozen computers as we maintain and improve the labs, as well as look into further education opportunities for the residents.

Huge thanks to all the volunteers, individual donors, companies, and organizations who we have collaborated with over these very productive ten years. We’ve helped hundreds of students with access to computers, worked with teachers, community leaders and more to empower the spread of education through technology in our communities.

Our work continues moving forward. Join us with involvement by joining our mailing lists:

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