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Possible collaboration with SFSU students

A brand new possibility has opened up for collaboration between Partimus and college students attending San Francisco State University. On August 12, Sameer Verma, a professor of Information Systems in the College of Business at SFSU, proposed a collaboration to help with the workflow of Here is an excerpt of what Sameer proposed:

I run the internship program at SF State in Information Systems. What
I have in mind is to see if I can assign one or two interns in the
Fall to Partimus, and get them to work on gathering data, and mapping
workflow both on the teacher/student side and on the volunteers side.
They will be assigned to Partimus, to work on CACS as a starter. I’d
prefer it if the interns worked via Partimus so that the outcome of
their internship can be applied to other schools as well. They’ll
interview, observe, analyze and then we can figure out what’s needed
– a ticketing system, inventory mgmt, etc

As a business professior, Sameer obviously has a great eye for helping organizations to better define and achieve their goals. Regardless of what form the collaboration between Sameer’s students and Partimus takes, it is almost certainly assured to help Partimus take the next step toward scaling up and helping more students get access to the latest free open source software and the Internet! The Partimus Board will be meeting to discuss options soon. The full text of Sameer’s post is here.

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