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Advance peek at the Intuit notebook donation!

Partimus has received a donation of 19 notebook computers and two desktop computers with flat screen monitors for placement in underprivileged public schools!  Yay!  Thanks to Intel for donating these computers; thanks to Steve Camuti of Intuit for carrying the ball inside Intuit to make this happen; and thanks to Tom Stevenson of Arrow-Intechra for executing the donation!  Thanks very much to Jim Stockford of Systemateka for introducing me to Steve Camuti.

notebook in crate

Here is a shot of a notebook still in the crate, fresh from the donation by Intuit.

Thanks also to attorney Albert Stoll for providing the space to receive this donation, because school is now out of session, and so we had the computers delivered to his law office.

Pics of the unboxing are here.

Now we just need to find a volunteer with a car who can drive the equipment about 4 miles from their current location to the school where they will be used!

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